Where Science is in alliance with GOD and his Word

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Working to uncover the truth of the Biblical text and sharing it with those that
want to know how the past will affect our future with the coming war
between GO(O)D and (D)evil.

You will NEVER watch the News the same after listening to Rachael and Cynthia
take the Scriptures and show what the SAGES KNEW and others hid.

The time has arrived to understand what is heading our way.


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Globe trotting correspondents, traveling the universe,
one planet at a time

We Interview the "Best of the Best"

Authors, Theologians, Physicists, and Scientists. We are "ON THE EDGE" of broadcasting the Science of the Bible.

  • We separate fact from fiction
  • Sacred from secular
  • Theology from Mythology

Where Science is in alliance with GOD and his Word

We want our audience to be in the Know.......NOW!!!

Please contact us at:  starsmoonplanets@aol.com

                                  RACHAEL:  I knew from a very young age that my destiny was to go to Israel and unlock some secrets of the Biblical Text.  I would cry myself to sleep with news of Murder, Cruelty and such things as Animal abuse.  I wanted to understand HOW and WHY some people (from every walk of life) could seem to be so cruel.  I would wonder what was wrong with their souls!  When I found out the secret, that they had no soul, the picture of humanity became clearer.  I wanted to share this with others who struggle every day to make sense of the senselessness of the daily News on Planet Earth.
CYNTHIA:   I spent much of my life seeking answers from the Bible. My mother tells the story that I would ride my bike to the nearest Synagogue for Saturday school and attend our own Southern Baptist church on Sundays.  I was so enthusiastic to share my knowledge as a grammar school student, that I conducted a Bible study for all the kids during recess until the principal stopped this because of parent complaints.  I remember making it a requirement to attend.  It was not long before I found a new way to enter into preaching without a pulpit.  I found music.   This opened up many opportunities to sing in different venues such as churches, schools, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and solo competitions, winning some local and State competition.

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